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Jay Skelly – Last Days – Dance Artifakts

Jay Skelly – Last Days – Dance Artifakts

In ‘Last Days’, Berlin-based, Irish native DJ and producer Jay Skelly turns out a progressive track that mixes industrial sounds with soulful elements, creating a warehouse-ready atmosphere that should perk up the ears of more than a few listeners.

Released by Dance Artifakts as an EP including remixes from Anthony Georges Patrice and Lost People, this is a record that should be a welcome addition to any forward-thinking set.

The original track, though set at a leisurely slow pace, carries an unstoppable momentum thanks to its ever-present synth-stab pattern and tough kicks, enveloped by pads and strings, creating a suspenseful atmosphere that sizzles with contained energy. Deceptively subdued, this track will nonetheless get inside your head and leave you wondering exactly how many layers of sound are buried in the mix.

Anthony George Patrice reworks the original by increasing the tempo and drenching the track in a dub-techno haze, cut by a nervous hi-hat pattern that brings a bit of light to the shuffling bass lying underneath.

Closing the EP is the Lost People remix, fashioned with a more tribal rhythm which builds up the synth loop and sub-bass effects until the track is immersed in a hypnotic groove.

With the ‘Last Days’ EP, Dance Artifakts continue their output of genre-defying records, melting all sorts of influences together in a way that makes it difficult to stick them in a particular style, and it´s always welcome to hear music that breaks the mold and follows its own lead.

Grab your copy here.

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