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Jeff Mills presents new album ‘Mind Power Mind Control’

Out now via Axis Records.

Jeff Mills has shared his latest record, the new full-length ‘Mind Power Mind Control’. The project sees Mills delving into the mind with a series of 9 tracks that will “not only envelope the listener but alter their focus, feeling, and perception”.

The LP is already available via Mills’ own Axis Records, and every purchase of it is accompanied by a limited-edition Jeff Mills stencil.

‘The focus of this project and presentation examines the art of mental persuasion and how the mind can control as well as fall vulnerable to subservient ways. It allows the means to look creatively and more in-depth to a subject that applies to every person and at every stage of life because how we perceive or sense something is part of our evolutionary survival pattern. Because there is no exact mental compatibility between any of us, speculation and misconceptions are not exemplary so, an emphasis on “the presentation of facts, ideas and methods and what we knew as true by example” are the major points that drives the overall purpose of this album project’, explains Mills.

Watch below the official music video for Jeff Mills’ ‘Scarlet’, and purchase your copy here.

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