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Jeff Mills records his latest album at Abbey Road Studios

Jeff Mills is one of the biggest American names in techno. Championed for his music’s relentless pursuit of hardness and his stripped-down, almost industrial DJ sets. Currently he’s finishing his new album taking as a musical reference “The Planets”, the most famous score from British composer Gustav Holst.

The originial score is an elegant musical tour to each one of our Planets in the Solar System, Holst brought forth imaginary visions of space that would survive many generations and decades after.

This time Jeff Mills pays tribute to this century of incredible musical production. He’s embarked composing a sonic journey to re-discover our neighboring planets in a 18 piece suite that explores the nine planets, including the portions of space in between the Planets, the nine regions Mills calls Loop Transits.

Deeply inhabited by science-fiction, Jeff Mills adopts its ideas, concepts, stories and aesthetics from the outset. For him, Space is an obsession and his music almost becomes a musical science-fiction. Conquering space, his music embodies the future while both respecting the past and remaining well into the present. Mills takes the rotating principle of the solar system as aesthetics, concept and model for creativity. From the beginning, his first releases explore futuristic and science fiction topics and continue to do so to this day. For Jeff Mills, the future is a powerful creative drive which explains the artist’s ceaseless activity.

The album is on the last production stage and was recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London. It will be released in 5.1 surround on the Blue Ray digital format and counting with the the renowned senior studio engineer Jonathan Allen.


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