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Jennifer Touch shares new ‘Moon In Aries’ EP

Inspired by April’s new moon.

Berlin-based Jennifer Touch has released her ‘Moon In Aries’ EP, inspired by new wave, synth-pop, electronica, and Krautrock. This is her first-ever self-released EP and is out now exclusively on Bandcamp.

The record features 3 new original tracks, and the cover artwork contains a handmade piece by the artist Birce Kirkova, an illustrator and producer who works under the moniker Penny Darko.

The press release for ‘Moon In Aries’ comes with the following reflection by Jennifer:

‘Times of abandonment, insight, gain, loss and power.
Days of despair, of belief. I sit in my chair as if on a rock,
perfectly balanced, exposed. Counting the days and my hair.
It’s not over yet, it’s changing. It’s changing, it’s over. Listen back.
The future is female and boys don’t cry. And the planets rise and
fall and they cycle the moon, in and out of my head.
There is so much to do. And I feel lazy. Synthesizers speak forever.
This is just a reminder that I’m still here. We are still here.’

You can listen to Jennifer Touch’s ‘Moon In Aries’ below, and grab your copy here.

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