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Jessica Brankka presents ‘Musk’ on Crosstown Rebels

With Remixes by Audiojack and OMRI.

Photo Credit: Jessica Brankka – Official

Brazilian DJ and producer Jessica Brankka makes her debut on Crosstown Rebels with her latest single ‘Musk’, featuring remixes by Audiojack and OMRI.

The production features hooky, provocative vocals, slick drum programming, vibrant stabs, and sweeping melodies, making it an intensely catchy track perfect for all hours of the night. Audiojack, the Gruuv head honchos, introduce an abundance of additional energy via skippy percussion, zipping bassline grooves, and swirling off-kilter sonics. OMRI. introduces his acid-tinged remix, with wandering synth lines carrying the track towards more cosmic spheres.

‘Musk’ came from the desire to create a more authorial project, which had my vocals, with a story that was also mine in a more playful and provocative way, running away from what would be clear. With influences that transit between indie dance and house, ‘Musk’ symbolizes self-expression through past experiences, while emphasizing uniqueness and connection,Jessica Brankka commented.

Listen to ‘Musk’ below and download your copy here.

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