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Joeski Announces Debut Album, ’20 Years Of Maya’

Joeski announces debut album, ’20 Years of Maya’

Following his extensive music career.

DJ and producer Joeski announced the release of his first album, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of his Maya Recordings label. To celebrate the milestone, the artist titled the LP ’20 Years of Maya’.

The North American artist began his career in 1991 and since then he has not stopped playing all over the world. However, almost 3 decades after its inception, the producer decided to take this important step.

“To commemorate the 20 years of the label, I felt it was appropriate to tell a full story and release my first album. The inspiration began while on tour in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic when I collaborated with local musicians to create the first track of the album. From there the rest unfolded in my studio in New York, NY where I often get lost for over 12 hours a day. After 22 years of releasing over 1000 records – I’m extremely excited for this endeavour”, Joeski affirmed about the release that will be out on November 29th.

1. Carrion feat Mikaell Garcia
2. African Sunrise
3. Into The Future
4. Soledad
5. Slave To your Love feat Rachel
6. Sunsent in Uganda (Original)
7. Dub Eyes
8. My Cello
9. Love Tribe (Sunrise Mix)
10. Love Without Judgement
11. Close Your Eyes
12. I’m Happy (On Acid mix)

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