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Johanna Burnheart shares video for ‘Sisyphos (Acid Pauli Remix)’

Available on November 19th on digital and vinyl.

German composer Johanna Burnheart has shared the news of her upcoming remixes package, ‘Burnheart Remixed’, which features a collection of reimagined tracks from her debut album ‘Burnheart’.

‘Burnheart Remixed’ finds the artist exploring the underground club scene, which has a strong impact on her body of work, as she presents new takes on her tracks by Acid Pauli, Beth Lydi, Pilo Adami, and Nesa Azadikhah (who provides two different renditions).

In line with the announcement, Johanna also shared the official music video for Acid Pauli’s take on ‘Sisyphos’, which reimagines the Greek myth of Sisyphos, who was condemned to repeat the same task day after day

‘[he] was one of the first DJs I ever became aware of when I started listening to electronic music in Berlin. His sound world is so nostalgic for me and I was absolutely thrilled to find out he is also an incredibly kind man and produced this beautiful track for me.’ says Burnheart about Acid Pauli’s involvement in the project.

Watch the video for ‘Johanna Burnheart – Sisyphos (Acid Pauli Remix)’ below.


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