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Johannes Brecht launches new label 0b16a9 & shares first single

With a new EP released every month.

Renowned musician and composer Johannes Brecht has unveiled his latest project, his new label 0b16a9, described “as a platform to encourage fluidity”.

0b16a9 was born from the uncompromising desire to bring authenticity and community to the heart of Johannes’s music and the wider industry. The label’s prerogative for freedom means the music can go wherever the artist’s interests take him, anything from dance music to afro beats, and avant-garde jazz explorations are on the table.

However, from the first three EPs, it’s already possible to see how his imagination translates into a certain lightness and hopefulness shared amongst all tracks. “I try to live an optimistic life, to enjoy the moment. With my music I try to have this positive standpoint too,” says Johannes.

The first single is entitled   ‘A New Day’, and features a rhythmic foundation rooted in afrobeat, incorporating acoustic percussions that infuse the track with a lively and upbeat atmosphere. This energetic backdrop comprises subtle synth chords and wistful strings, which contribute to the composition’s narrative and emotional core.

‘New Day’ will be out on May 26th, 2023. Listen to the track below.

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