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Support DJ Behrouz’s fundraiser

Giving him a chance to lead a joyful and fulfilling life.

A Go Fund Me has been set up in favor of renowned DJ Behrouz, who suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke while he was about to play at a festival in Santa Barbara on the night of April 24th, 2022.

Behrouz was quickly flown to a hospital in Santa Barbara, where a CT scan confirmed bleeding on the left side of his brain caused by high blood pressure. Doctors quickly induced him into a coma, and he remained for two weeks to allow the swelling in his brain to go down and for the bleeding to heal. While the latter procedures were successful, the artist ultimately lost sufficient oxygen to his brain, causing paralysis on his right side and speech impairment.

The next part of Behrouz’s journey has been extremely difficult for him and his family. He has had multiple hospitalizations, just recently suffered a second stroke, and is in a coma in the CCU in Los Angeles. As a result of this unforeseen medical trauma, he is experiencing some common but debilitating stroke effects, namely speech aphasia (inability to speak) and persistent severe right-side deficiency.

While he had already started to undergo rehab therapy and was making progress, his family is struggling to deal with the second stroke and the unforeseen setbacks it will have on his prior progress. To regain necessary life skills, his therapists have determined that Behrouz requires a lot of additional speech therapy and will continue to need physical and occupational therapy.

You can learn more about Behrouz’s condition and get involved here.

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