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Jon Hopkins shares ‘Meditation Versions’ of ‘Music For Psychedelic Therapy’

All field recordings have been removed.

Photo Credit: Jon Hopkins – Facebook

 Recording artist Jon Hopkins has just shared two new ‘Meditation Versions’ of ‘Tayos Caves, Ecuador’ and ‘Ascending, Dawn Sky’.

Originally included in Hopkins’ new album ‘Music For Psychedelic Therapy’, both pieces have now been stripped of all field recordings, separating them from a sense of “setting”.

‘Music For Psychedelic Therapy’ was not written to be a meditation album, but I’ve found that once you release something, it’s better to let go of how you see it yourself, and allow it to become its own thing. It turns out a lot of people like to use it for meditation, so I thought it would be cool to make a version of one of the central pieces – ‘Tayos Caves, Ecuador’ – that is better suited for this purpose. To do this, I removed all the field recordings, so that no specific imagery is brought to mind, and it no longer has that very precise sense of place. This version is more neutral, more gentle. I found revisiting this music quite inspiring, so I created a similar refinement of ‘Ascending, Dawn Sky’.” explained Jon Hopkins on social media.

Listen to both ‘Meditation Versions’ below, and purchase your copy here.

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