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Jon Rundell switches to free streaming to democratize music sharing (Audio)

Jon Rundell is setting a new industry direction and challenging industry norms by giving away his music and the individual parts to his fans and other producers.

This decision comes after the artist’s frustration with the music industry’s general resistance to change across the board, ditching the traditional DJ-only focused way of releasing music for multi-platform streaming, ensuring free to listen (in both senses) access to his tracks and even encouraging remixing in fans’ bedrooms across the world.

The London based DJ and producer commented, “It’s about engaging with the brilliant younger generation coming into the scene, who enjoy the music in a more modern way and have no interest in being a DJ. It’s not the industry driving this anymore, it’s them,’ Jon says. ‘Ownership to them isn’t a thing in every single aspect of their lives. They don’t need to own music, films, cars, etc, they can just access it all in an instant spontaneously, driven by their mood right there and then.”

He also added, “When I talk to people about this at the moment everyone says to me ‘but what about earning some money for your music like this though?’ And I reply by asking them how many downloads they sold in the last 3 months, for most answers to that I usually just get a few shrugs.”

In this order he just released the ‘Poetry’ track via his own record label ETCH going out simultaneously on Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music He is also giving away each track and its parts on his Soundcloud page, making easier remixing for aspiring & professional producers and encouraging them to do whatever they like with them.

Listen to ‘Poetry’ below.

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