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Jonathan Kaspar selects 10 favorites to run

Hailing from Bonn, Germany, Jonathan Kaspar is an integral part of the scene in Cologne. He is a resident at the cities renowned Gewölbe club and also one of the current main figures at the legendary Kompakt label. While Kaspar is constantly reinventing himself, he continues what he loves the most – being a DJ and producer!

Kompakt has been accompanied Kaspar since his teenage years as he was a regular guest at their parties and also the record store in town. So it was inevitable that the paths would cross at some point and Kaspar appeared on Kompakt’s TOTAL 19 compilation with ‘Renard’. He then became a part of the in-house agency and his
well-received full-debut ‘Kante’ EP followed early in 2020. Kaspar released his second EP in 2020 via the mysterious label VOD and title track ‘CHI’ reached #1 in the Beatport Afro House chart for several weeks.

Kaspar is definitely one to keep an eye on in 2021 as he has already secured follow-up EPs on Kompakt and These Eyes, while there might be some more surprises coming along.

Jonathan Kaspar just released his new EP ‘Tia’ via Ouïe. For the special occasion he has selected different music he likes to listen to when he goes out to run.

“I started to run roughly two years ago: 100km each month. Besides the environment and the route, music is the most important part of my run. I collected some favorites, old and new, maybe they will help you to finish your run! Enjoy!” – Jonathan Kaspar

1. Mac Miller – Nikes On My Feet

“Though I’m not running in Nikes, this is a brilliant track after your run, to come down and relax. Will never stop listening to this one”.

2. Laidback Leo – Irgendwo in Maine

“Love the rapping technique and voice of him, brilliant vibe. It feels like the sun is coming up after a rainy night. And he happens to be my brother”.

3. Van Halen – Jump

“Pure motivation! Reminds me of my basketball days – it used to be the last song during the warm up before every home game”.

4. Drive OST

“Hands down one of the best soundtracks I ever heard. And the movie is also fantastic”.

5. Jonathan Kaspar – “Kottenforst” for Rambalkoshe

“Not a track, but my latest DJ mix which is a good three hours of new music I discovered in times of the pandemic. I put it together during the first days of the second lockdown for the beautiful Armenian project Rambalkoshe. I dedicated the mix to the “Kottenforst” the forest near my hometown, where I use to run a lot”.

6. Caribou – Never Come Back

“Emotional true electronic pop music, helps you through the last 2 miles”.

7. Koraal – La Casa del Volcán

“Super nice LP on the brilliant Nous’klaer Audio. I am following the label since its beginning and its becoming better with every release”.

8. Electronic Beats Podcast

“No music but a very good listen anyway: Lots of interesting guests and themes”.

Listen here.

9. Donato Dozzy at Dekmantel Festival 2016

“Mega cool DJ set from the man himself!”

10. Wolfgang Voigt – Rueckverzauberung

“Just recently visited a concert of Wolfgang and attended his amazing live set in a church. The set is also a perfect fit to a long run through the forest”.

Jonathan Kaspar’s ‘Tia’ is now available via Ouïe. Stream and buy here

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