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Joris Voorn Announces Spectrum Tour In North America

Joris Voorn announces Spectrum tour in North America

This is the first time the Dutch artist would bring his party concept to the region.

Joris Voorn recently announced that he is touring his Spectrum party through North America, after successfully visiting other cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, among others.

The Dutch musician confirmed six dates, starting September 13th at Chicago, 14th at New York, 15th at Detroit, 20th at Toronto, 21st at Montreal, and finishing on the 22nd at Miami.

“Spectrum is a series of showcases that I’ll be curating and have complete control over. When I play at festivals or clubs I’m usually restricted to certain genres and not about to showcase enough diversity in my sets. If there’s one thing I truly believe in music is diverse, hence the name of my upcoming showcases ‘Spectrum’. It’s basically going to celebrate a wide variety of music in my sets. One night could be more housey and another night could have more techno involved. It won’t be a ‘one-sound’ event and that’s something I’ll be looking forward to.”  Voorn commented.

For more info and tickets, click here.

Watch the promo video below.

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