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Joris Voorn & Michiel Borstlap come together merging electronica and classical piano

The material was released via Spectrum.

‘Michiel Borstlap Plays Joris Voorn’ is the name of the new collaborative project between the Dutch DJ and the notable country pianist, whose talent has led him to perform in more than 90 countries around the world. It is an EP that contains four acclaimed tracks that the duo has reinterpreted.

Joris Voorn’s love for the piano began at an early age, which is why he has vowed to hone his skill throughout his career. The DJ had already shown his admiration for the Dutch classical pianist Michiel Borstlap, and this year, in addition to requesting virtual piano lessons with him during quarantine, they also began working together on these tracks.

The EP was recorded in The Velvet Room, Borstlap’s private studio outside Amsterdam, in the Dutch countryside. Through this material, Borstlap took Voorns base as an electronic composer and imprinted his essence through the subtleties of the piano. The result is a beautiful example of the union of two worlds that are not as dissimilar as they seem.

Purchase and listen to ‘Michiel Borstlap Plays Joris Voorn’ here.

1. Ringo
2. Sweets for Piano
3. Ryo
4. Awakening

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