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Joris Voorn remixes 90’s rave classic ‘Access’

Originally released in 1995.

Photo Credit:  Jackson Loria

Joris Voorn has released his latest remix, putting his touch on the 90s rave classic ‘Access’ produced by DJ Misjah and DJ Tim.

Originally released in 1995 on the acid and techno label X-Trax, which was later acquired by Armada Music, ‘Access’ has been given a fresh lease on life by Voorn’s distinct hypnotic sound, transporting listeners back to the nostalgic era of 90s raving while infusing it with a contemporary twist.

The original track emerged during the resurgence of acid techno, fueled by the reintroduction of the iconic Roland TB303 “acid box” in producers’ records. With its pulsating beats and signature “squelching” synth sound that epitomizes the genre, ‘Access’ took the 90s techno scene by storm, remaining in heavy rotation for years.

“Remixing such an iconic record that played a significant role in the evolution of acid techno when it first released on X-Trax in 1995 was both a pleasure and a challenge. I aimed to create something fresh and contemporary that retained the essence of the original 303 magic while offering a distinct 2023 interpretation that seamlessly fits into my sets,” the Dutch artist commented.

Joris Voorn’s remix of ‘Access’ is now available via  Armada Music. Stream and buy here.

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