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Joseph Capriati breaks his personal record with a 25-hour marathon set

Delivering an extended set of 25 straight hours, the Italian DJ, showed his skills and endurance during last the weekend in the city of Miami.

The techno artist wide selection has allowed him to make similar sessions on other occasions and although he confesses that he came to the state of Florida with the intention of making a marathon set, he didn’t expect to be as long as the one that took place last Saturday at Miami’s Heart Nightclub.

“It’s the longest set of my life, and it would be hard to repeat it since you can not plan it, it just happens and it’s a great gift when this magic takes shape with all the perfect elements merging: public, club, sound system, great friends that they support you, good vibes, great passion, rested body (first of all in my case), good and healthy food, tons of select and precise music, and of course great luck, thank you”,  Capriati expressed in his social media networks.

The artist is about to finish an 8-dates tour through North and Central America.

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