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Joyce Muniz shares 5 tips to make good music

Joyce Muniz is a DJ, producer and singer from Vienna with Brazilian roots, who has been making waves around Europe for a number of years.

Now relocated to Berlin, Muniz has a string of amazing releases on the likes of Exploited, K7!, Get Physical and 2020 Vision. On Steve Bug’s flagship label, Muniz now drops What’s Your Name’ with the hugely talented Demetrius on vocal duties. Today the artist shares 5 tips to make good music.

1. Being original

To be influenced by a song or another producer is completely normal. Finding your own style is the key to succeed. You have to be patient and try around to find a flow. Being honest with yourself, your music, your influences, and your capabilities will help you to be you.

2. Freedom
When I start to produce I never really have a proper plan. I usually experiment around with different sounds and rhythms. Doing that I try not to limit myself with the sounds that I choose. One of the things that I love about producing electronic music is having the possibility to use samples & sounds from various genres. To me making music is like painting on canvas, applying and mixing together different colors until I am satisfied with the result. In case I am not yet satisfied I start over again.

3. Organized
I had a bad experience during a particular session, in which I was working with analogs, creating beautiful crazy sounds BUT, as I later found out, wasn’t recording any of it. That was a true shock and bummer because usually, one can’t get the same automation and therefore can’t reproduce the exact same vibe. In the last years, I have been paying more attention to this. Also during or after a session, I try to organize tracks by labeling them and
coloring the audio files. I love the creative chaos, but in this case, I try to be as organized as possible.

4. Sound

I always pay attention to choosing sounds with good quality, because it simply makes one’s life easier later on while mixing. Using a top-quality interface helps a lot, especially if one works with live recorded instrumental, vocals and analog synthesizers. Sometimes I still mix my own tracks, but often I have to put my ego aside and let someone else mix it. I have been working on totally different projects in the past years. Mixing a house track is totally different than mixing a band. Most of the times I let someone else mix the pop music I produce.

Mixing is not producing. Bringing a track to top sound quality is not always easy. It depends on one’s studio or room, the monitoring and ears and years of experience. There is nothing wrong to let someone else mixing one’s productions.

5. Collaboration

I have learned a lot through collaborating with other producers, musicians, and singers. I think it’s very enriching to share one’s experiences and tastes. This is my way to develop my skills. Everyone works differently and has a different workflow. Every studio sounds differently. In general, is important to play your music to people you trust. Constructive feedback is important.

Joyce Muniz’s ‘What’s Your Name (featuring Demetrius Single’ is now available. Stream and buy here.

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