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JP Lantieri – Thirty Something – Flemcy Music

Flemcy Music mastermind JP Lantieri is back under the spotlight with the release of his new ‘Thirty Something’ EP. The 62nd outing on behalf of the label, ‘Thirty Something’ stands as a towering delivery brimming irrepressible energy, while remixers Aaron Suiss, Galestian, and Zy Khan turn up the heat with three distinct takes on a highly anticipated drop.

At first play, dense kicks unearth a throbbing low end and a myriad of tantalizing sonic effects that sway in and out, manifesting a heady atmosphere. In full force, JP Lantieri treads through neon sparks before unleashing an acidic lead, ensuring chaos runs amok, as it grows in tension before slowly unwinding and rebuilding itself seamlessly in the blink of an eye. Here, we’re embraced by the producer, who thrusts us deep inside the machine for a blitz of a third act where vocals echo and linger, wailing as we freefall into oblivion.

Providing a first layer of depth, Aaron Suiss steps up to the plate with a gripping rendition of ‘Thirty Something’. Following a striking atmospheric opening, a minimalistic frame and meandering bassline propel us forward as we follow a perfectly polished sequence. Navigating through harsh swells and cascading synth lines, Aaron arrives at a lush breakdown where he expertly walks a high tightrope, leading our sights away in misdirection before blinding us with a thunderous drop in a truly hypnotic reconstruction.

On his own take, channeling the late-night hours, sonic sorcerer Galestian blazes across the underworld’s bellowing chants, riding over a stobbing bassline and restless drum work before latching on to Lantieri’s original lead. A massive rollercoaster, Galestian’s remix of ‘Thirty Something’ twists and turns at will, contorting in mesmerizing fashion while never subduing in a showstopping act of entropy bound to set dancefloors alight.

Come curtain call, Zy Khan triggers a vivid, cinematic sequence that overrides the senses as it unchains a pure shot of bliss into our veins. A gorgeous creation, Zy Khan manipulates every vocal line in a striking manner, drawing us further inside a bold hybrid that treads the lines between broken beats and melodic techno for a dazzling outing that adds a most welcomed layer of texture to JP Lantieri’s monumental ‘Thirty Something’.

Carefully crafted, JP Lantieri’s new ‘Thirty Something’ EP is a testament to the producer’s undying sound, while also exemplifying how far an idea can go in the hands of the right visionaries. More than just replicating in their own personal styles, all three remixes take ‘Thirty Something’ stand fearless as they audaciously project multiversal versions to enhance an already outstanding narrative.

JP Lantieri’s new ‘Thirty Something’ EP (Incl. Remixes by Aaron Suiss, Galestian, Zy Khan) is out now via Flemcy. Purchase your copy here.

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