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Julian Jeweil talks with us ahead of Sónar week (+ Mix)

A Beatport chart-topping regular, Julian Jeweil is a French artist based in southern France and Berlin. This nonstop world-touring artist found his signature sound through his numerous productions and live sets, all characterized by a melodic style of techno.

Between his gig in Miami and ahead of Barcelona’s Sónar week he found some time to record an exclusive episode for our podcast as well as share some thoughts on all things music.

Electronic Groove: Hi Julian. Thanks for taking some time to chat with us. To get started can you let us know about your early days as a Dj. Any memories worth sharing?

Julian Jeweil: It all began when I started listening to techno music in the late 90’s. I got really interested in this genre, it felt like a revelation, a true calling for me. Around the time I was about 18 years old and I decided to start mixing and to perform in front of people. Then once my first Maxi EP was released, things started to get big and international. It all went very fast, it was quite flattering !!

Electronic Groove:  After many years in the electronic music circuit, how do you feel about your evolution as an artist? Did you ever imagine reaching to this point?

Julian Jeweil: For me, my evolution as an artist occurred in three stages. The first stage was when I started mixing records records; the second one is when I became a composer and the final stage saw me become a full-time professional. Honestly, at no time did I ever think that I’d reach this point one day, but I’m thrilled because my job is my true passion!

Electronic Groove:  You have produced for Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, and Adam Beyer’s labels. What is your source of inspiration when producing?  Do you think your style have changed through the years?

Julian Jeweil: Inspiration comes to me in a totally random fashion. It depends on my mood, I could feel inspired after having watched a good movie, or after hearing a good set. I’m also a very routine-type of person. I like working very early in the morning in order to be fully focused; having a clear head when creating music is crucial.

Electronic Groove:  You and Popof are long time friends, how did you meet him? Are you producing any tracks or touring together in the near future?

Julian Jeweil: We met through our common manager, Ghayath Dakroub. We hit it off immediately, we liked each other immensely. Popof is a truly fantastic artist, and a great guy. I’ve been wanting to collaborate with him for quite a long time and, to be honest, we’ve been talking about it more and more recently so … It’s definitely on track.

Also, since you mentioned touring, we will perform Back To Back this summer on a few dates. And we will close Carl Cox’s last residency ever at Space Ibiza on Tuesday September 20th.

Electronic Groove: You are playing at a few parties during Sonar’s week.  What is your agenda for those days?

Julian Jeweil: I will perform at City Hall Barcelona on Tuesday June 14th for my label Form Music’s Showcase that will also include Popof, Oxia, Simina Grigoriu, Melanie Ribbe and Animal & Me. Then I’ll perform Live on Saturday June 18th for the Loveland Festival at Parc Del Forum. I really can’t wait : – )

Electronic Groove: Do you feel that the techno scene is stronger than ever of has it experienced any stallment with the current reach of other genres like Deep House?

Julian Jeweil: On the contrary! I think techno is very present, and is getting stronger and stronger, which is really awesome!

Electronic Groove: Is there any young producer or dj that has caught your attention recently?

Julian Jeweil: Medeew and Chicks Luv Us are three artists from my home region in France; they are super talented and make really good music on various labels, so keep an eye on them.

Animal & Me is also an artist whose work I fell in love with and so I asked him to remix my track “Destination” which will be out on June 6th on Form Music. I know him very well, believe me he’s a really gifted artist, so … Keep an eye on him as well!

Electronic Groove: What’s in the pipeline for Julian for the rest of 2016?

Julian Jeweil: My next EP, “Destination” was just released on June 6th on Form Music. It’s very techno-oriented and I’m very proud of it.

I also made a remix for Matador, “The Enemy” ft Felix Da Housecat, out on June 13th on Matador’s label, “Rukus”. Another remix was commissioned by Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann, “Fuego”. It’s due to be released soon. And finally I’m still recording in the studio as we speak so .. Stay tuned!

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