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Julien Bracht drops new album ‘Now Forever One’

A dark, synthwave odyssey.

Fresh from remix duties for Grimes’ ‘My Name is Dark’, Julien Bracht now presents ‘Now Forever One’, his brand new LP, which is already available via System Records as a 2×12” vinyl and in digital formats.

Towering just under 65 minutes, ‘Now Forever One’ exemplifies Bracht’s hunt for elemental juxtaposition, and its tracks ‘are sequenced to take the listener through the full emotional arch of a 15-hour rave, with an emphasis on those moments of collective epiphany where heaving techno floors become the perfect microcosm for an idealistic and interconnected future.’

‘I played ‘Melancholia’ the night I got it at Mutek Festival in Mexico City, and instantly knew it’ll shine on a big floor at the right time. It’s just the right balance of majestic melodic deepness,’ remembers Bracht with surgical precision.

Watch the official music video for Julien Bracht’s ‘Nocturne’ below, and purchase your copy of ‘Now Forever One’ here.

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