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Juliet Fox collaborates with ANDATA on ‘Velvet Tears’

Now available through Three Six Zero Recordings.

Photo credit: Juliet Fox – Facebook

Australian DJ Juliet Fox and Hamburg’s electronic duo ANDATA have released their joint single ‘Velvet Tears’. The single is now available through Three Six Zero Recordings. Initially designed for ANDATA’s clothing brand, Customized Culture, the track has since become a standout in their respective portfolios.

‘Velvet Tears’ combines electrifying basslines with deep lyrics, offering a high-energy dance floor experience. Upon its release, Juliet Fox said, “Finally ‘Velvet Tears’ is out today and is my first collaboration with ANDATA. The track came about to compliment the planned T-Shirt capsule I was doing with Customized Culture, and we never thought it would actually end up being the main focus! But from the second it was done, we all knew it was special – my vocals were written from a good place and have a deeper meaning behind it. Pair them with energetic production and you have our track ‘Velvet Tears’. I hope this is the first of many to come with ANDATA and we are incredibly proud to be putting it out via Three Six Zero too!.

Listen to ‘Velvet Tears’ below and download your copy here.

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