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It Was All Just A Magnificent Dream – All Day I Dream Of Toronto Skies

It Was All Just a Magnificent Dream – All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies

The term “nefelibata” is defined as one who is a “cloud walker”, who lives in their own imagination and does not obey the conventions of society. It’s safe to say that creators Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay have dreamed up a worldwide community of “cloud walkers”, through their vision of bringing a warmth back into music through their unconventional ADID gatherings. Emanating from a bakeshop rooftop in Brooklyn NYC back in 2011, ADID’s hypnotically enchanting musical sets have earned the accolade of being one of the top summer music festivals fans should attend.

That being said, this past Sunday July 17th, I was lulled into the surreal and entrancing sounds of ADID with special guest dream invoker, YokoO. All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies, took those who attended, on a wistful and emotive musical journey. These veterans of sound, effortlessly created melodic blends of deep house and techno, that charmed listeners into an all day reverie.

Taking place at yet another historical venue in Toronto, Fort York which was once a place of war and defense, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was an ironic twist that dreamers were being subtly led to discover, since everything about the ADID experience echoes that of peace, love and spreading good vibes.  Regardless of this paradoxical revelation, I believe it was a lovely mystical component that added to the event’s allure and appeal.


The day was bound to be a breathtaking peregrination for us all, as the weather cooperated beautifully to mirror ADID’s dreamy backdrop of fluffy clouds, blue skies. It was also perfectly matched with a stage that had lengthy swathes of material attached and extending to pagoda like structures adorned with flowers and lanterns floating gently above the grassy dance floor. Feelings of intense happiness were evident on the faces of all who collectively came to continue spreading the communal sensations that are synonymous with the ADID experience.

Matthew Dekay and YokoO provided us with a musically intoxicating prelude to the day long dream. Tracks like the whimsical Fangtango, had me drifting into a dream of 1001 nights with its steady beat and light strings. All the while, Lee Burridge mingled unassumingly throughout the crowd, expressing genuine appreciation of, and interest in, every admirer who accosted him to have a picture taken or to express their love for his quiet endeavor to connect people through music. I had a brief opportunity to speak with Lee about his beginnings in the industry and how he feels about his craft, and from a place of sheer humility he conveyed his sincere love for what he does, a common theme that reverberates amongst all of the artists I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and chat with.


The moment had finally arrived, that moment when you know you’re dreaming but it feels too real to be just that.  At this point in time, Lee Burridge began to smoothly ease his way onto the decks, maneuvering his gear with endearing child-like mannerisms, accompanied by exchanges of silly glances towards all who watched in anticipation. I knew the Zen-like dream of transcending into a deeper level of music appreciation was about to begin. This is when I decided it was time to close my eyes and open my ears to fully and properly immerse myself into this spectacular occasion. Track after track I felt uplifted, not a care or concern entertained my mind, as I was completely reveling in the moment. My ears were especially delighted when I heard South Street Players~Who Keeps Changing Your Mind, memories from past music moments came flooding in. This was to be the second last track to end this magnificent dream of being finally awakened to the ADID phenomenon.


This trio of musical gurus graciously and boldly left us all in an irresistible desired state of lucid dreaming from their sound. And attendees were not alone in feeling these vibrations of euphoria. Promotional staff, security guards and police officers alike seemed overwhelmingly awestruck over how pleasantly calm and in-synch the crowd remained for the entirety of the event, clearly dreams came true for everyone!  Even YokoO himself was ensorcelled and astounded by the ADID of Toronto Skies experience, posting on his Instagram page, “Toronto, I am short for words. That might just have been my favorite ADID event to date, you who were there, know!” 

John Lennon once said, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”, many thanks go out to Lee Burridge, Matthew Dekay and YokoO for creating the perfect platform for music lovers to freely participate and promote a collective reality of peace and love towards one another through their ADID celebrations.

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