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Justice Release New Single, ‘Stop’

Justice release new single, ‘Stop’

The song is part of their new album that will be released in August.

Justice recently published the video of their new track ‘Stop’. The single will be part of their latest album titled ‘Woman World Wide’. The French duo announced that this new material is inspired by their last record, ‘Woman’.

Xavier and Gaspard’s management explained that they adapted the tracks of their previous album to play them live during the tour. “After a year of testing, refining and recording the sound, they got back to the studio to finish and improve them, a thing that is not possible when are performed live”, they indicated on the press note.

The album will be available on August 24th.

Watch the ‘Stop’ video below.


01. Safe and Sound
02. D.A.N.C.E.
03. Canon x Love S.O.S.
04. Genesis x Phantom
05. Pleasure x Newjack x Helix x Civilization
06. Heavy Metal x DVNO
07. Stress
08. Love S.O.S.
09. Alakazam! x Fire
10. Waters of Nazareth x We Are your Friends x Phantom 2 x Alakazam!
11. Chorus
12. Audio, Video, Disco
13. Stop
14. Randy
Bonus track:
15. D.A.N.C.E. x Fire x Safe and Sound

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