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Justin Marchacos joins Katermukke with ‘Conviction’

Includes collaboration with Tim Green’s alter ego, Apir.

KATERMUKKE welcomes a new addition to its roster of talents with the release of Justin Marchacos’ latest EP entitled ‘Conviction.’ This four-track musical collection is a testament to the artist’s skill, featuring intricate melodies, powerful basslines, and well-timed percussion that engage the senses.

‘Conviction’ promises a timeless quality that rivals enduring classics, showcasing the artist’s musical prowess; also collaborated with Apir, the alter ego of Tim Green, on a track titled ‘Quest for the Crown.’ This partnership adds depth to the EP, introducing a darker and more intense sound while retaining Marchacos’ signature melodic flair and top-tier production. To further enhance the experience, the release includes a mesmerizing Sascha Cawa remix, elevating the overall musical journey.

Justin Marchacos’ journey from composing movie scores, where he crafted memorable emotional moments, to producing energetic, bass-driven compositions reflects his artistic evolution. His music is known for its dancefloor-thumping beats and captivating melodies, making him a formidable presence in electronic music. With ‘Conviction,’ he invites listeners to immerse themselves in his sonic creations, marking a compelling chapter in his musical career.

Download your copy here.

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