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Justin Martin’s latest Album is coming out on 4/20

This coming 4/20, Justin Martin will release his second album named “Hello Clouds” on Dirtybird Records. The album, which has 13 tracks, is set to take us on a “rich musical landscape” where the listener is invited to “float above walls, ceilings and any other restraints they might encounter.”


The album will feature collaborations by FEMME, Charlotte OC, Lena Cullen, Kill Frenzy, Will Clarke, Ardalan, and his brother Christian. “I reached out to specific artists who currently inspire me,” Martin explains, “artists I think the world needs to hear more of.”

Full Tracklist:

  1. Dive In
  2. Hello Clouds feat. FEMME
  3. The Feels
  4. Odyssey feat. Lena Cullen
  5. Upcountry
  6. Rabbit Hole feat. Charlotte OC
  7. Be Mine
  8. Back To The Jungle feat. Will Clarke
  9. Tropical Storm Mango
  10. Wet Cat (Sooo Wet) feat. Kill Frenzy & Ardalan
  11. Midnight feat. Christian Martin
  12. U R Here
  13. Hold Them feat. Mohna

Ghettos & Gardens (2012)

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