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Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra will release their Eponymous Debut LP

World-class electronic music producer, composer, live performer, and DJ Kate Simko is expanding her horizons as she partners with the London Electronic Orchestra to deliver a blend of orchestral soundscapes and electronic music.

London Electronic Orchestra will be released on May 6 on vinyl, CD, and digital download via The Vinyl Factory. 

Tracklist for London Electronic Orchestra:

1) Dark Delirium
2) Shikoku
3) Champa
4) Waiting Games
5) Tilted
6) Ständchen
7) Stara
8) One Time Game (w. Jamie Jones, ft. Jem Cooke)
9) XX Intro
10) Cairo
11) Violin Duet No. 1
12) Shikoku (ambient mix)
13) Waiting Games (ambient mix)

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