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Kate Stein launches new label 99FVR with debut release ‘SNAFU’

Featuring remixes by Mala Ika and duo New Romancer & Radando (NRN).

Photo credit: Desdemona Dallas

Brooklyn-based, Australian-born artist, Kate Stein, has unveiled her latest venture – 99FVR. This new label is an eclectic blend of intensity, ambiguity, and nostalgia that is both entrancing and disorienting. The label’s debut release, ‘SNAFU,’ is now available.

‘SNAFU,’ takes listeners on a time travel back to the heart of the 90’s rave scene. Orchestrated by Stein herself, the track is a blend of pulsating drums and melancholic basslines, capturing the essence of navigating through distortion and fading clarity. The track’s high-energy tempo encapsulates the feelings of both rave nostalgia and euphoria.

‘SNAFU’ includes remixes by Mala Ika and the duo New Romancer & Radando (NRN). Mala Ika delivers a remix with catchy vocals in her signature style, while NRN, inspired by early 2000s NYC sounds, reinterprets the original’s energy through their moody, chuggy lens.

Listen to ‘SNAFU’ below and grab your copy here.

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