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Kaz James launches new imprint ‘Another Record Label’

Kaz James and Nick Morgan deliver the maiden release.

Australian DJ and producer Kaz James has collaborated once again with Nick Morgan for a brand new single, ‘Not In Love’. The recording is now available via the brand new  Another Record Label, which aims ‘to delve deeper into the realms of house and techno, breaking down sonic frontiers as it does so’.

‘The label name is ironic, the whole concept is that we don’t want to be “Another” record label, we want to be the alternative.’ says Kaz James. ‘My vision is that I want to do what other labels don’t. I want to push the boundaries of House and Techno on every level, not only exceeding expectations of a record but taking it off the beaten path, putting the artists and producers that we work with and my own music front and center at all times,’ he further explains.

Listen to Kaz James & Nick Morgan’s ‘Not In Love’ below, and purchase your copy of the single here.

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