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Kerem Genc – Sunxiety – Baikal Nomads

Kerem Genc drops a new organic house EP on Baikal Nomads featuring remixes by Regndans and Fletcher Monsoon.

Baikal Nomads has become a driving force in the organic house and downtempo scene and their first release of 2023 sees the return of label favorite Kerem Genc.

Kerem is a highly respected up-and-coming talent who not only has released on Baikal Nomads, but has also contributed to other high-flying record labels including the likes of Cosmic Awakenings.

An incredibly talented artist and musician, Kerem Genc’s latest EP opens with a gritty track that’s got trippy vocals and moody guitar chords layered on top of a downtempo groove with lots of atmosphere.

The original tracks are haunting and psychedelic, but there are also two gripping remixes by Fletcher Monsoon and Regndans, who both add another dimension to the release. Regndans refines one of the tracks and Fletcher Monsoon transforms the other with additional instrumentation.

First up, is the original version of ‘On My Own’, which has lyrics about having a strong independence and sense of self. The pulsating bassline and moody atmosphere of the backing track add a psychedelic vibe, while the drums provide danceable energy.

‘On My Own’ gets the remix treatment from Regndans who opens up the track to create a deeper atmosphere with added tension. He also pushes back the vocal to give it a haunting sound that complements his streamlined version.

The second of the originals, ‘Aurora’, has a medley of synth melodies that are nestled on a chunky bassline overlayered with shuffling percussion. It also has a trumpet sample that provides the main focal point of the track.

Fletcher Monsoon add a new trumpet sample and a pulsating synth line to their reworked version that’s got a feel-good vibe full of summery sounds.

Kerem Genc’s ‘Sunxiety’ is out now via Baikal Nomads. Purchase your copy here.

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