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Kerri Chandler remixes ‘Love & Hate In A Different Time’ by Gabriels

A reimagination of the US band’s debut single.

American house music icon Kerri Chandler has shared his reinterpretation of Gabriels’ single ‘Love & Hate In A Different Time’. This is the first time the LA band has been officially remixed.

‘The moment I heard ‘Love & Hate In A Different Time’, and then saw the video, it gave me chills, Jacob’s voice and the production immediately stood out to me. I wanted to know who was behind this beautiful song. The more I spoke with Ryan, Ari and Jacob, the more we became family, it felt like I have known them for years. When they told me they wanted to go back in the studio to go and re-record vocals, just for my rework I was overjoyed that we were all working together to give this new mix its own signature sound and personality. Gabriels are incredibly talented and I’m very happy to have met such an inspirational band,’ says Chandler himself about the collaboration.

Listen to Kerri Chandler’s remix for Gabriels’ ‘Love & Hate In A Different Time’ below.

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