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Kevin Di Serna Returns To Sudbeat With ‘Hyperblue’

Kevin Di Serna returns to Sudbeat with ‘Hyperblue’

The Argentine artist shares two new tracks.

Kevin Di Serna returns with new material to Sudbeat, Hernan Cattaneo’s label. The artist, who burst onto the scene in 2011 and is now one of the brand’s favorites, offers yet another taste of his talent with this two-track EP.

The material opens with ‘Hyperblue’, a track in which Di Serna gives us a bite of his new sound and takes us on an analog journey of spikey synths and wild emotions. Then, with ‘Hyperdance’, he follows the trend of progressive rhythms that characterize him, with otherworldly synthesizers.

Kevin Di Serna’s ‘Hyperblue’ will be released on January 18th.  Listen to the snippets below.

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