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Kevin Yost’s New Material On Leena Music (Stream)

Kevin Yost’s new material on Leena Music (Stream)

Kevin Yost is a man of many achievements in the halls of dance music. His ever-evolving style blends genres while delivering sublime tunes that will be forever stamped in the history books. Since picking up drumsticks at the age of four, Kevin has been obsessed with creating and performing music.

With close to century of releases, 9 albums and many mix cd’s, Kevin has earned his reputation as an artist who has no desire to stop creating music and pushing forward. He has toured the globe taking his sound to the most hidden and underground venues while powering through intense nights at the top clubs in the circuit.

This time he is returning back to Leena Music with “Dancer Dancer”. The EP packs four strong tracks for the deeper moods of the late night hours. Playing around with different elements he brings his forward thinking approach to a classic sound.
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