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Kiano & Below Bangkok – Expanse – Ready Mix Records

Croatian producers Kiano & Below Bangkok deliver a four-track EP on Montreal label Ready Mix Records comprised of four straight-up deep house cuts that include two original productions and two remixes.

‘Expanse’ opens up the release with swung snappy drums, which are soon joined by a powerful sub-bass and big, wide, heavily delayed stabs that open up the track giving it a huge sense of space. Occasional trippy vocal samples and reversed cymbals add emphasis and dynamism to an already inspiring track.

‘Lost Submarine’ is a techier cut that revolves around a punchy kick and bassline with a bouncing rhythm, while staying consistent with the bigger theme of atmospheric and spacey sounds represented by big stabs, inspiring pads and sporadic vocals.

One half of Plastic City and Bucher & Kessidis, Tom Bucher takes ‘Expanse’ for a spin remixing the track with a more progressive groove surrounded by cinematic strings and uplifting chords.

To round up the EP, Deep Active Sound turns in a hypnotic and captivating version of ‘Lost Submarine’, combining bubbling, sub-aqua effects with intricate, metallic stabs to build a lively and addictive rework.
punchy kick and a progressive lead-synth bassline continuously surrounded by subtle but groovy percussion loops.

Kiano & Below Bangkok’s ‘Expanse’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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