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KICA launches his own KICA Records with ‘Cuckoo’ debut

Featuring Sri Lankan singer Yohani.

Photo credit: KICA – Official

Dubai-based minimalist artist, Vladan Krstic, also known as KICA, recently launched his single ‘Cuckoo’, featuring Sri Lankan singer Yohani, under his new label, KICA Records.

‘Cuckoo’ captures listeners with its compelling bass, high claps, and catchy timbal line. The combination of subcontinental synths and the mix of Eastern and Western influences set the stage for Yohani’s vocals. The lyrics, in Tamil, celebrate the biodiversity and beauty of Tamil Nadu.

KICA elaborates on the track: “Complimenting layers of minimal tech and mirth on KICA Records, our very first banger, ‘Cuckoo’, featuring superstar singer Yohani. Cuckoo’s exotic hook quickly expands, making it impossible not to sing along, it really gets stuck in your brain. I love Yohani’s vocals. Originally, I recorded ‘Cuckoo’ using a sample and sent it to Yohani for her to listen to. She loved it so much, that she immediately sent me the original, clean vocals and agreed that we just HAD to release ‘Cuckoo’ for you all to enjoy.”

Krstic, a former Serbian athlete turned DJ, carved a niche for himself in Dubai’s electronic music scene with his five-hour sets at The Island. By 2020, he became a popular DJ with hits like ‘Mini’, ‘Street Dance’, ‘Dor E Dor’, and ‘Caje Caje’. After two years of experimenting with various music styles, Krstic rebranded himself as KICA and founded KICA Records.

Listen to ‘Cuckoo’ below and grab your copy here.

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