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King & Early Release ‘Walk On Water’ Video

King & Early release ‘Walk On Water’ video

Featuring Lauren L’Aimant on the vocals.

King & Early follow up the acclaimed ‘Demons’ with the video premiere of ‘Walk On Water’ released via Champion Records.

The duo is back with a fresh and vibrant new take, as they sample Andy C’s ‘Valey Of The Shadows’ for their new track. Providing a new direction for the drum and bass classic original, they go for a house vibe, with Lauren L’Aimant’s lush vocals.

For the video, the director creates a dreamy, underwater scenario that gracefully lifts the track. In a dark, dystopian view, water angels represented by inkblots come to life, intertwining with the melodic groove as the cut builds in intensity.

“It immediately evoked imagery of breaking free. The uplifting chord progressions and seamless string ensembles felt like ‘classic’ house music to me, so I wanted the vocal to be euphoric and airy, like the house music I grew up listening to. I pictured a relationship that had been forged under difficult circumstances but had now overcome adversity. I love the idea that anyone who goes through hardship can overcome it, and flourish”, said vocalist Lauren L’Aimant about her first reactions when presented with the track.

Watch the video premiere below and grab your copy here.


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