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KiNK is the latest guest at Red Bull Studios

Bulgarian artist KiNK is the fourth guest at the Red Bull Studios located in Paris, France.

Following the steps of Pépé Bradock, Tom Trago and Svengalisghost, Strahil Velchev (a.k.a. KiNK) decided to move forward and create new material on the renowned energry drink studio. The experience took the artist one week resulting with 4 new tracks under his arms.

“I made a conscious decision to limit myself,” KinK confides, “and to use only what I could find in the studio. I only brought two of my very favourite machines with me”. He also commented “to compose, record and mix four track in five days. It was a very intense experience, the clock was ticking and I had to learn how to play instruments that were new to me. So in short I had to quickly bound out of my comfort zone, which did me a world of good.”

The EP named “The French Affair” features the collaboration of Rachel Row and  is already available on Soundcloud. Click below to get it.

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