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Kit Grill shares studio tips to build an album

Work on ‘Fragile’ began last August at the height of lockdown. Grill locked himself in the recording studio where he found himself experimenting with new sounds and technologies and was able to learn more about the techniques involved in mixing, production and arrangement.

From a visual perspective, ‘Fragile’ is inspired by gothic, renaissance art and architecture. The album artwork is a photograph Grill took on Château d’If, a fortress and former prison located on the Île d’If, the smallest island in the Frioul archipelago, a short distance from Marseille in southeastern France.
Today Kit Grill shares some tips to build an album.

1. Limitation

I limit myself to a couple of drum machines and 1/2 synths per record. This helps push a sound further and you really get to know the equipment you’re working with. More often than not it also yields more interesting results.

2. Mixing

Learning to mix isn’t that fun but it will lead to better music. I learnt to mix properly this year on ‘Fragile’ album and It was a steep learning curve. The more you know technically the more you know how to distort and break the rules you’ve learnt.”

3. Patience

Keep making music and exploring different ideas. I make loads of tracks, some of them just ideas but when you go back over these something will stand out and could lead to a finished track.

4. Distortion

Personally, I don’t like music that’s overproduced and super clean. Once you’ve learnt how to produce and found sounds you like, take it further and mess with the sound, sculpt it and rough it up.

5. Inspiration

Be inspired by others and make something from that inspiration, not replicate it – the results will be more interesting.

Stream and buy Kit Grill’s ‘Fragile’ here.

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