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Klara Sestiniova: “I perceive techno as very primal”

Klara Sestiniova, a passionate art enthusiast with a wide range of talents and a curious spirit, has made a name for herself in the electronic music world. Starting as a pianist and visual artist in theater, Klara ventured into VJing and vocal experimentation, driven by her love for techno.

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As a DJ, Klara captivates audiences with her storytelling abilities, creating sets that feel like a cinematic experience. Fearlessly pushing the boundaries of techno, she takes listeners on a passionate journey through different genres, from peak time techno to cold wave, electroclash to raw and hard trance.

Aside from her DJ and producer career, Klara also runs her own label, Ultimo Paradiso. Through the label, she aims to promote and showcase cutting-edge techno and trance sounds, contributing to the genre’s evolution.

EG had the opportunity to speak with Klara Sestiniova about her creative process, inspirations, dream gigs, and the challenges she has faced in the industry. Klara’s words reflect her deep connection to the primal and emotional essence of techno, showcasing her genuine passion for the music.

EG: Hi Klara, welcome to EG! How did you fall in love with techno?

Klara Sestiniova: Thanks for the invite. Well, the funny thing is that when I was a teenager, I was the one in my group of friends who was absolutely not interested in clubbing and the related kind of music. I simply had no attraction to that world. Then, when I was fourteen years old, I went with a friend of mine to a popular location in Italy that, at that time, was experiencing the peak era of clubbing. She took me to a club. Of course, we were too young to be allowed to enter the club, but somehow we managed to do so. Once inside, I still vividly remember how I was charmed by the atmosphere there: good music, people having a great time, smiling. I could feel the positive vibes all around. I was so fascinated by the power of music and what music can create!

Since then, I started to explore more and more of the clubbing scene around Europe, jumping on the train after school to reach the next party hundreds of kilometers away. I was a student at that time, so I had little money, but I used to spend all of it on clubbing. Sometimes I had to choose between dinner and my entry ticket. My first exposure was to house music, and over the years, my taste evolved as I continued to explore new clubs and environments, which eventually led me to the techno scene. I can say that techno is the kind of music that I feel most connected to. I feel that it corresponds to my soul, and that’s why I love it. I perceive techno as very primal, with an emotional tie to our deepest and ancient sides.

EG: Sounds very nice. What has been your best dance floor moment?

Klara Sestiniova: I would say that I grew up on the dancefloor, so I have a lot of wonderful memories associated with it. My closest friends and the people I love are the ones with whom I have experienced the best dancefloor moments. One of them was when I visited a friend of mine in Berlin. We went to Berghain on a Sunday morning, and in the afternoon, we left because we wanted to attend an experimental pipe organ concert in a church. Then, we re-entered the venue, and the musical experience after the concert was very unusual.

EG: Interesting. So what has been your best moment DJing?

Klara Sestiniova: There have been many amazing moments, but the thing I like the most is when I can guide the audience to experience new sounds and see a positive response. I had some gigs in Lebanon and India, and I can say that the crowd is very curious and open-minded. They also enjoy it when the DJ takes a risk and explores unusual directions.

EG: What have been your challenges in breaking through this industry so far?

Klara Sestiniova: I think every day we face challenges, both in music production and DJing. The industry is evolving and changing very fast, so the artists need to find a good compromise between what people like and what the artist’s personal taste and style are. I do not think it is good to sacrifice yourself because of the current music trend. I fight with this every day. What makes me sad is to see that we are losing the personal imprint; people need to take more risks. And when I say people, I do not mean only the artists, but also promoters and all the people involved in the music industry. Especially young DJs and producers, who are the future of this industry, tend to imitate certain popular models too much. I think it is good to have a reference figure; you need it especially when you are young, but this should go hand in hand with a process of personal development. There is so much music released today, but what we need is more creativity.

“I perceive techno as very primal, with an emotional tie to our deepest and ancient sides”

EG: What other female techno DJs inspire you and why?

Klara Sestiniova: I grew up with the records of BPitch Control; I can say Ellen Allien was one of my reference figures when female DJs were still not so popular. She is both a pure artist and an entrepreneur; she is very creative and smart. Another female artist I like a lot is Antye Greie. I like the way she experiments with words and puts them into music. I admire the works of Wendy Carlos and Suzanne Ciani because of their pioneering approach.

EG: What inspires you the most to produce techno and what is your process?

Klara Sestiniova: I create music because I have images in my head and I feel the need to bring them to life. I have a very figurative approach to the majority of aspects in my life. I need to translate these images into something else, to let them exist. Sometimes I translate them into words; that’s why I also write lyrics for my tracks and perform them. I imagine stories and create other worlds, and music is a good way to express myself.

My EP ‘Electric Dreams,’  which was released on Ultimo Paradiso, came to life because of my passion for sci-fi novels and movies. Each track is a piece of a story happening in this dystopian universe. My upcoming EP ‘Sogno Infinito’ recalls the sensation of a tangled dream. I see clouds and pink and purple flashing lights in it. It will be released on a new limited catalog I am launching on Ultimo Paradiso, called Ultimo Paradiso Raw, and it will focus on a faster pace and more techno/trance sounds.

I am also very selective when it comes to choosing the right sound for a track, and this takes a lot of time. In general, I would say that my music is visionary.

EG: What would be your dream gig?

Klara Sestiniova: I am passionate about architecture. I like brutalist and industrial architecture. I love refineries so much; they are aesthetically pleasing to me. So I would love to perform in locations like Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria, Zeche Zollverein in Germany, Dolní Vítkovice in the Czech Republic, and Geisel Library in California. Or a dreamy place like the Giardino dei Tarocchi in Italy.

EG: In light of current global issues, is there anything you would like to speak out about?

Klara Sestiniova: When I think about humanity and the world, I am astonished by how humans can be both exceptional creatures, capable of creating wonderful things, and at the same time the most cruel and self-destructive species. It seems like we never learn from our past mistakes. But I also have a strong hope, and I know there is kindness left in our hearts. I believe in practicing goodness in our daily lives, and I would like people to spread positive energy into the universe. This is another reason why I like to create and play music. I want to share it and give people a piece of happiness, hoping that it will touch their hearts and souls, and they will pass it on to others. This way, we create a circle of kindness. I feel very fortunate to be born in this part of the world, and I see it as my mission to make the world a better place, trying to do my part.

“We are losing the personal imprint; people need to take more risks”

EG: If you could create one rule for nightclubs, what would it be?

Klara Sestiniova: Probably, I would eliminate the door selection. The clubbing culture was born as an inclusive culture. It doesn’t matter how you look or how much money you have, you just want to enjoy the music and the moment. Excluding people who want to have fun is senseless.

EG: What is a guilty pleasure you’d like to add to your rider for future gigs?

Klara Sestiniova: Oysters in the backstage. I can eat dozens of them in a row. And a personal masseur.

Klara Sestiniova’s ‘Sogno Infinito’ is out now via Ultimo Paradiso. Download here.

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