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Kölsch completes album’s trilogy for Kompakt

Exploring the artist’s difficult teenage years.

Danish native Kölsch moves forward with his latest autobiographical release entitled ‘1989’, completing his album trio on Kompakt Records.

The new LP comes after 2013’s ‘1977’, exploring his early childhood memories, and 2015’s ‘1983’, a vibrant journey sound tracking the year he travelled through Europe aged six. Now on ‘1989’ he focuses on his difficult teenage period, struggling with puberty’s challenges, parents divorce and family crisis.

Real name Rune Reilly commented “It was difficult time in my life, where I mostly just remember the greyness of it all – grey feelings, grey weather and my own grey face”. Also added, “I would escape that grey world on my skateboard, listen to my Walkman as I explored the city around me. Music became my savior – the only way to overcome my family’s hard times. I found a soundtrack to my grey life, and suddenly there was color.”

The new album marks Kölsch’s intensified deployment of real-life orchestral sounds and the continuation of his fruitful collab with Gregor Schwellenbach after contributing to predecessor album ‘1983’. The Kompakt affiliate, composer and multi-instrumentalist now conducts the Heritage Orchestra for tracks like ‘Khairo’, ‘Liath’ and ‘Serji’, the latter of which Schwellenbach co-wrote and co-produced. He also counted with vocals written and performed by Aurora Aksnes.

Kolsch’s ‘1989’ will be out September 22nd.


01. A1. 1989
02. A2. Serij
03. A3. Grå
04. A4. In Bottles
05. B1. Grey
06. B2. Grau
07. B3. PUSH
08. C1. Gris
09. C2. 14
10. C3. Khairo
11. D1. YKPI
12. D2. Liath
13. D3. Goodbye

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