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Kölsch Drops New EP Via Kompakt

Kölsch drops new EP via Kompakt

In addition, the artist has announced that he is working on his new full-length album.

After having released ‘Shoulders Of Giants / Glypto’ earlier this year, Danish DJ and producer Kölsch presented via Kompakt a ‘cinematic’ EP consisting of two tracks, ‘Time’ and ‘Sleeper Must Awaken’.

‘Time’ is an energetic track where the artist collaborated with the Brooklyn Beacon duo, a group with which the artist claims to be “obsessed”. “Over the years, I have been listening to their albums religiously. They have accompanied me on flights, trains, and cars. It has been an honor to join forces in a New York studio” he said.

On the other hand, ‘Sleeper Must Awake’ is a more minimalist track, full of robotic synth sounds. “In any art form, the most difficult exercise is shrinking. Removing layers is similar to throwing away your most prized possessions. The result is fascinating. Only the essential remains and the message is clear”, he explains.

In addition to making this premiere, Kölsch also took the opportunity to announce that he is working on his new album, ‘Now Here, No Where’. While we wait, you can stream and buy the fresh material here.

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