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Konstantinos Gkoumas – Baby Blues

A unique sonic explorer, Konstantinos Gkoumas’ own take on music is one that’s hard to translate into words. But, with pictures of worlds no one has ever seen before, that might actually be expected.

Now, the Greek producer is back under the stage lights with the drop of his eccentric ‘Baby Blues’ EP. A five-track record, ‘Baby Blues’ proposes a dazzling voyage inside the intricate mind of Gkoumas without ever losing the playfulness required for such a serious endeavor.

In the opening act, ‘Yes It Will’, a broken frame strolls, unhurried, through an ocean of effervescent synth blips. Before we know it, an irresistible slice of whistling reels us deep into a wonky wonderland where synthetic hits and swells surround us in seemingly incohesive patterns. But suddenly, what seemed like chaos finds its own delightful order only to become confronted by its own entropy, dissolving into the unknown from once it came.

The journey continues with the blissed-out ‘68’. Reminiscent of some of the most memorable outings created by the iconic Boards of Canada, the second cut on ‘Baby Blues’ unfurls in a heady, yet gentle manner, as plates spin over what feels like muted guitar strums, generating a most alluring sensation of tension in one eternal, jarring Déjà vu that sits between ambient and electronica.

Deep in this exquisite trance, Gkoumas sets us free with the confident swagger of ‘Cowgirl’. Quirky as ever, the producer devises an acid lead that treads across a haunting picture where everything seems to be a reflection of what used to be. With eerie effects that sway in and out, restless clicks, and sliding guitar chords, ‘Cowgirl’ strides as the coolest gal in this weirdest, wild, wild west.

Adding an exciting layer of darkness and mystery to the EP, Gkoumas presents us with ‘Super Easy Rider’. A truly trippy affaire, the piece follows a black hole of sustained low-end that consumes every last neon melodic ember that is thrown across its path by the producer. Defying the mechanics of nature, the fourth cut on ‘Baby Blues’ continues to tread over uncharted waters, but on its own terms, lending a different tone to the record.

Closing the EP, the Athen-based artist conjures the familiar ‘One Scotch, One Scotch, One More’. Unfurling from a skitterish arp, the last track is an enchanting right tumble to the bar for a unique nightcap. Whimsical, ‘One Scotch, One Scotch, One More’ rides over an easy-going bassline as it traverses through greener pastures and violet skies, all while shrouded in a dreamy haze that will make you question if any of this was ever real.

Konstantinos Gkoumas’s ‘Baby Blues’ EP is out now. Purchase your copy here.

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