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Kousto shares 10 tracks to listen to on a desert island

Photo Credit: Poppy Thorpe

Kousto released his first EP, ‘Step by Step’, in 2019, continuing to consistently cast a steady stream of subtle bangers for both dance floor and days on the beach since then. And the French-born London-based DJ’s new EP, ‘Unexpected Voyage’, continues to hit the mark. In typical Kousto-style, the concept EP is an ode to world music, taking listeners on a journey through deep house daydreams, soul music, and eclectic jazz, punctuated by basslines and percussions that continue to keep you on your toes. Rich in life metaphors that dance between fate and faith in destiny, Kousto’s new EP is a personal journey that lives alongside universal themes of finding oneself in unfamiliar waters and threading the lines between opportunism and optimism.

Ahead of the release of his ‘Unexpected Voyage’ EP, Kousto now shares with EG his favorite 10 tracks to listen to on a desert island.

1. Il Guardiano Del Faro – Lady Moon

‘Written by an Italian also inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, I’ve always been a fan of the 1978 cult classic, ‘Lady Moon’. Fusing dreamy soundscapes of synth with ambient and psychedelic influences, this is a favorite of mine.’

2. Henri Salvador – Theme du Bateau

‘Sharing similar roots and a passion for the South of France, I’m a big fan of Henri Salvador. ‘Theme du Bateau’ is an experimental album, a bit less known than the rest of his discography but full of dreamy musical treasures.’

3. Luca Vera – Orizzonti

‘Combining oceanographic visions and with an air of Italian class, this track is full of underwater paradigms and deep evolutions.’

4. I:Cube – Adore

‘Adore’ is like being in a submarine set deep down in the great abyss, exploring the ocean with sea creatures and mermaids swimming alongside.’

5. Moojo – Healing

‘With its exotic rolling percussions and emotional chords progressing through the song, this is so dreamy and a favorite of mine during the summer.’

6. Hamid El Shari – Ouda

‘In this track, Hamid El Shari, an Egyptian & Lydian artist, talks about his broken heart and the hard nights he spent alone figuring out how to find peace again.’

7. Moony Me – Papelon

‘If you are looking for a very light, summery track with quirky vocals alongside Latin vibes, this is it!’

8. DJ Gregory – Elle

‘With tribal rhythms and deep emotional melodies taking their time to settle in the track, I really love that the song is not rushing straight to the point, as per the status quo.’

9. Amir Alexander – Everybody’s Beautiful

‘Welcome to the underwater tour of Atlantis! One of my first crushes when it came to House music.’

10. Da Lata – Jungle Kitten feat. Kaidi Tatham

‘Combining the creativity of two musical geniuses, this happy track is perfect for a desert island.’

Kousto’s ‘Unexpected Voyage’ EP will be out May 13th. Purchase your copy here.

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