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Kryptonica DJs – Acid Glass – Kryptofabbrikk

Kryptonica DJs – Acid Glass – Kryptofabbrikk

The glory days of acid get a revisit from the Kryptonica DJs in their new single, ‘Acid Glass’, with the sort of straightforward, in-your-face attitude of the underground house of yore.

Voice samples drone on and on in a hypnotic loop, lending the track a sparse, warehouse feel, brought to earth by the pounding beat, crunching bass and sleazy synths. The tune’s progression is straightforward as can be, its sound sharpened to a razor’s edge by the aggressive production, an all-out attack that is pure raw analogue goodness. Picture this one going full-blast in a smoky, sweaty, strobe-lit dancefloor in a basement somewhere in the city, dropped at the peak-time mad hours and whipping the crowd into a frenzy, those moments when dance music really makes sense when it all comes together and provides the perfect excuse to stay up all night.

Stream and buy here.

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