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Kryptonicadjs – Forbidden – Kryptofabbrikk Records

Forbidden, by Kryptonicadjs, is a minimal, yet lively tune, built around a jumpy beat and spiced with a filtered vocal sample that is cut and spread across the entire track.

Its simplicity gives it an air of freshness thanks to an uncluttered ambience, filled by the occasional appearance of a fat, sliding bassline. The tight house rhythm gives the tune a party-ready vibe, with solid kicks and snares marking a dry, precise beat, which combines very well with its otherwise sparse and chilled vibe, in which the energy of the music somehow feels condensed in the void created by joining these two elements.

A crisp, crystal clear production ties up the package, showing that the Kryptonicadjs´ two decades in dance music DJ´ing and producing have taught them a thing or two about creating great-sounding, energy-filled house tracks.

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