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Kryptonicadjs – La Pelicula Gringa – Kryptofabbrikk

Kryptonicadjs is an Italian DJ duo more than 20 years playing together back to back. Their DJ career started in London in the second half of the ’90s and saw the pair taking over the UK, Italy, and Ibiza. Fast forward to 2011, and the duo opened up their Kryptofabbrikk Records, which has become a bastion for jackin’ house music brimming with groove and catchy vocal hooks. Now, their label presents its latest release in ‘La Pelicula Gringa’, which finds Kryptonicadjs rooting their sound in deep-tech atmospheres, dirty synths, and a truly incisive low-end.

‘La Pelicula Gringa’ runs over the silver screen with spatial effects that swirl setting off a textural layer that embellishes a classic kick & clap combo before unleashing a hypnotic, pulsating synth line that meanders through the haze and echoing vocal apparitions with unruly aplomb. Chugging through minimalistic variations of itself, the synthetic lead contorts, contracting and expanding with an ever-mesmerizing iridescent hue. Relieving tensions with a double breakdown, Kryptonicadjs paint a dancefloor-ready picture that engages listeners with a no-nonsense approach that showcases the pair’s knack for firestarters.

Kryptonicadjs’s ‘La Pelicula Gringa’ is out now via Kryptofabbrikk. Purchase your copy here.

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