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KUBA – NY2003 – Three Six Zero Recordings

Oscillating somewhere between flashy and subtle, extroverted, and intimate, the Manchester-based singer-producer KUBA draws in with his emotionally composed tracks and deeply unique voice. Describing his creative process as a ‘search for yet unexposed honesty’, the artist strives for self-expression undamaged by short-lived fashionable trends while attentively utilizing elements of dance music, R&B, and thoughtfully designed left-field electronic sounds.

Now, KUBA is behind the drop of his latest single, ‘NY2003’. Available via Three Six Zero Recordings, the track is a testament to KUBA’s artistic sensibilities that pays homage to the golden days of cross-over deep house of the early 00s.

With a grandiose entrance, a glittering guitar arrangement pulls back the velvet curtains as the artist takes center stage with his lush vocals traversing effortlessly over a classic house frame and swiveling low-end, burning bright under the spotlight. Highly infectious, KUBA’s ample vocal range is certainly captivating as his memorable lines sway with uplifting energy while drawing inspiration from “forgetting, pushing away, avoiding -the temporary, pleasant side of that”. It’s a carefree declaration of emotional independence that cuts close to home, no matter where that may be.

Irresistible, ‘NY2003’ revels in between melancholy and hope with a complete sense of flair in a truly arresting outing that will no doubt see the talented Mancunian producer run amok through both club sound systems and radio airwaves.

KUBA’s ‘NY2003’ is now available via  Three Six Zero Recordings. 

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