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Kyau & Albert – Neverlost Pt.1 – Euphonic

Kyau & Albert announce the release of their 6th album, ‘Neverlost’, which includes the ground-breaking single, ‘Under Your Spell’, featuring the significant and compelling voice of Steven Albert. The album will be released in three phases starting with two three-track EPs in September and November, and the full album in December.

The first track, ‘Under Your Spell’, opens things up as a happy summer vibe tune with a catchy well-rounded bassline, laid-back groove, dreamy pop synths and beautiful clean vocals. While not a dance track at heart, the uplifting melodies and lyrics in the song resemble good times in cheerful places.

‘The Night Sky’ dives into deeper waters with more repetitive beats, big wide celestial pads, fading vocal samples and huge sounding reverberated drums. The tune’s energy increases slowly after an inspiring breakdown halfway through the song that introduces an arpeggiated hook melody and an electro style bassline, all backed with angelical sounding female chants.

Last but not least is ‘Don’t Need A Lesson’ a downtempo track with a deeply mellow feel that sets its tone with its mysterious organ pads, swung groove and shimmeringly guitar melody. Once again the vocal snippets and lyrics take on an important role, uplifting the energy in the breakdowns and carrying momentum throughout the song.

Overall, an impeccable production from two veteran producers that can rely on a well-developed technical background and studio experience.

Kyau & Albert’s ‘Neverlost Pt.1’ is already available on Euphonic. Grab your copy here.


1. Kyau & Albert – Under Your Spell
2. Kyau & Albert – The Night Sky (Sunrise Version)
3. Kyau & Albert – Don’t Need A Lesson

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