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Label Insight: Beat & Path

From the shimmering shores of New Zealand’s electronic capital to the world-renowned dance floors of Australia’s iconic Vision Hound & Chi Wow Wah Town events, label founders Uone and Out of Sorts have joined forces to bring you their spine-tingling record label, Beat & Path. For over a decade, they have shared our vibrations, both locally and on an international scale, releasing on some of the world’s most respected labels and captivating crowds across all four corners of the globe. Along the way, we have not just made friends, but built a family. And now they seek to pave a path for those who follow. Nurturing talent from across New Zealand and Australia, Beat & Path is harnessing the region’s musical powers to create a label of international distinction. Our drum roll is to showcase the finest talent that our two nests have to offers, whilst nurturing young blood and cross-pollinating with first-rate producers from around the globe.

Beat & Path specializes in deep, organic vibrations with a signature electronic edge. From homegrown dusty desert twangs to inspiring sounds from throughout the world, the label aims to take you on its own unique journey through electronic soundscapes from an angle that you may have never seen. Since their inception in 2016, the label has enlisted a promising slew of up and coming artists to its roster, including the likes of Caly Jandro, Philosophia, Boy Oh Boy, Moontide, The Oddness, Jamie Stevens & Timmus, whilst showcasing world-class producers Thankyou City, Be Svendsen, Nicone, Oliver Koletzki, Madmotormiquel, David Keno, Timboletti, Sabo, KMLN & many more.

They have shared stories of friendship, passion, and nights that never end. Now, BEAT & PATH becomes the book from which we tell our stories. Aside from the undeniable talent they seek to cultivate, there is a certain magic here they feel they need to share, and there is only one way to do so. Take a walk down their Beat & Path.

Electronic Groove: Hi, guys, and welcome to Electronic Groove. When did the idea of starting this joint label come from and how did it materialize as Beat & Path?

Out Of Sorts: Uone has the best story on this but it involved a festival/cigar and a couch!

Uone: The story of the birth of the label is quite lovely. You know those conversations you have with your mates when you’re on the sesh – when you start philosophizing and making big plans about what you could do, feeding and watering the brightest of your dreams? Will this was one of those moments, Sasha was playing the Market Stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival. The full moon was rising. I was sitting with Barton from Out of Sorts underneath the trees, smoking a cigar on a couch. We were reminiscing about all the amazing things we had seen, all those cosmic dance floor moments we had with our music. It was then that we decided that we needed a record label to gather these blossoms together in a bouquet. We needed to immortalize these moments in music with our people. And that’s how Beat & Path was born.

EG: What is the concept behind Beat & Path?

Uone/Out Of Sorts: Beat & Path was born to help expose talent from Australia and New Zealand through our networks. We really wanted to create a platform for this talent on a world stage. We’ve been in the music game for 25 years so it’s a way to nurture the scene and give something back.

We provide a channel for underground-deep-house-organic-electronic music so producers can break the world. We want to be recognized globally as the Beat & Path guys from Australasia who are championing that sound.

EG: Can you give us a roundup of some of the highlights on the label so far?

Uone/Out Of Sorts: I’ve been really proud of all the music on the label, I think we’ve definitely fulfilled a gap in the market with the labels sound. But our big releases have been the ‘Mission Control’ by BONDI & SAAND. Also the Be Svendsen’ ‘Drifter’ EP.

“We needed to immortalize these moments in music with our people. And that’s how Beat & Path was born”

EG: We know that ‘The Lone Wranglers’ LP is on its way. Can you tell us more about that?

Uone/Out Of Sorts: We are all the product of our influences. This is a mantra Uone and Western honors on their debut full length ‘The Lone Wranglers’. The ten-track release is a bricolage of various media: the pulp fiction of Quentin Tarantino films; the drama of Ennio Morricone scores; the psychedelia of The Doors and Pink Floyd; and a healthy nod to the spectacle of spaghetti westerns.

‘The Lone Wranglers’ sounds like no other, and flourishes of psychedelia and tribal deep house conceals a futuristic interpretation on the classic American frontier. Across the release, live guitars and tribal drums envelop the listener, like you are experiencing it in person at the most absorbing concert ever performed. This is by design: every instrument on the album has been recorded live, and weaved into the fabric of many tracks are spoken samples taken from an impressive collection of mediums. It is almost like taking a walk into Uone and Western’s combined subconscious.

This will be the label’s debut vinyl release and we could not be more excited to present the second studio album from Uone on wax.

EG: Can you elaborate on some of the challenges you have faced when launching this new label venture?

Uone/Out Of Sorts: The administrative side of the label has been challenging, we are both creative so this side of the business is not our favorite but is also very important. Having time restrictions also, with families, jobs, etc.

Listen to Beat & Path’s ‘Winter Pathways Compilation 2020’ here

EG: How important do you think the design and visual imagery are for a label? How did you resolve what would be a good fit visually for Beat and Path?

Uone: Being heavily involved in the arts, psychedelic, and visionary events community for over 15years now I grown to understand the importance of visual stimulation. Having the correct visual for music is paramount to the success of generating extra attention & growth of a label. Resolving a good fit is an organic process, we are blessed to be surrounded by many talented artists and graphic designers who we work closely with. The producer of the music also plays a pivotal role in choosing a suitable artwork that fits the feeling, vibe & characteristic of the music style.

Out Of Sorts: Very important. We look at every release as a package, from the design, art, copy, and of course the music. The presentation of every release matters.

EG: What can you reveal to us about what’s coming up on Beat & Path?

Uone/Out Of Sorts: Oh, lots! but we have our Winter Compilation currently our now, it’s a stunning 13-track compilation. Ware so stoked with what we are presenting with this, as it encompasses the diversity that the label can offer. We have upcoming LPs from Uone & Western, ‘The Oddness’, and ‘Sanoi’. Plus, a hot new electronic band called Beacon Bloom will release their debut EP with us titled ‘Droplet’ that features a huge remix from Berlin’s Niko Schwind, and a stunning Jamie Stevens & Joe Miller masterpiece.

EG: Many thanks and we wish you nothing but the best moving forward!

Uone/Out Of Sorts: Thanks for the support over the years it means a lot!

Beat & Path’s ‘Winter Pathways Compilation 2020’ is now available. Stream and buy here

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