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Label Insight: Blessed Cross Records

Blessed Cross is an Italian label created in 2019 and run by Giangi Cappai and Foby. Its sounds range from deep to progressive house, created with the purpose to release high-quality tunes. Since its inception, the imprint has housed the works of DJ Leoni, De Ayri, Ozan Yazgan, Fabodarwish, and more, boasting a closely curated catalog that reflects the finest the genre has to offer. 

We had a chat with them to talk about their history, vision, and the latest release of Foby’s ‘Timeless Dreamer’.

Electronic Groove: Hello guys, thank you for chatting with us. Where are you guys located at the moment?

Foby: Hello EG team.  It’s very nice to chat with you today. I live in a small town on the west coast of the island of Sardinia, Italy.

Giangi Cappai: Hey there. I am living in Italy between my lovely town in Sardinia, where I run my studio, and the city of Ferrara.

Electronic Groove: Tell us a bit about your musical background. What were the first encounters with electronic music like?

Foby: I approached music at a very young age mainly listening to rock music records my father and my brother bought. Later, in the early 90s here in Italy there was a boom of hip-hop culture and I totally got into it. I became an MC first, and later a producer, and from that moment I started my music journey.

Then in the early 2000s, the club scene here was flourishing and I started going to my first evenings around the island listening to DJs from all over the world. I started to discover electronic music and from that moment I naturally realized that it was natural for me to produce electronic music. It almost became a necessity.

Giangi Cappai: I started organ and piano class when I was very young. Later on, I fell in love with synthesizers and analog sounds. At the age of 14, I got a pair of turntables, and just like that, I started DJing. Years later I became a Sound Engineer and a producer, and now, here we are!

Electronic Groove: And when did you decide to become a full-time musician? Why at that particular moment?

Foby: Music has been part of me since I was a child and it is difficult to live without it.

Giangi Cappai: I think has been my choice since the early days of my life, I always worked in the music industry, as a piano player at the start, and then as a DJ and producer.

Electronic Groove: How did you guys meet and how was the evolution to create Blessed Cross Records?

Foby: I think Giangi can explain better.

Giangi Cappai: As I run music production classes, Foby has been one of my students, the best one, to be honest, then I decided to involve him in my business, and now is running fast and super good with his legs. Blessed Cross Records has been his idea, and I’m very happy about the label and the label’s sound, he is a great A&R! Now I can say, we are not only partners in business but good friends as well!

Electronic Groove: What are the vision and the goals of the label? How has evolved since its inception?

Foby: In a very short time, about 2 years, we built a beautiful reality here at Blessed Cross. Especially last year we got very dense and got top-notch quality releases scheduled, and we are now competing with top labels, following our soul and not just looking at followers or socials, as our project is to discover new talents and be able to give them a ‘voice’, and help them stand in this weird jungle that is the music industry.

Giangi Cappai: I totally agree with Foby, well… social media sure is a big weapon for our work but, is not the main thing for us.

“In a very short time, about 2 years, we built a beautiful reality here at Blessed Cross”

Electronic Groove: Success is measured in different ways. What is success to you and what do you think it takes to ‘make it’ as a label?

Foby: Giangi, it’s you again.. .(laughter)

Giangi Cappai: Well, I think success is when a goal in your mind, becomes real, and talking about music, we have a solid idea of what to be and what we are looking for, and this should be the light of a label, and we are following this light, and so far, everything it seems going in the right direction.

Electronic Groove: You have a new EP coming out, ‘Timeless Dreamer’. What can you tell us about the production and inspiration behind it? What were you trying to convey?

Foby: Music is emotion, inside all my productions, there lies the most intimate part of me, including this new EP, of course. Only through music can I bring out my true self, and music describes who I really am and what is deep inside me.

Electronic Groove: What is your process when producing? Do you have any rituals? Do you look for inspiration in any particular way?

Foby: I always start with the melody. This is what inspires me and gives me the vibrations needed to make a song.

Electronic Groove: Do you have other plans for the rest of the year? New releases? Events? Showcases?

Giangi Cappai: Yes, we got a full scheduled agenda until the end of this year, and maybe more. We are very happy about the number of great demos we are gettin’, so yes, we are on a roll!

Electronic Groove: Do you have any artists, colleagues, or friends that we should keep an eye for?

Foby: We have several talents on our roster. One in particular Andrea Onorati, he’s had exponential growth in the last year and completely embraced the Blessed Cross project. I could also mention some other one but ours is a big family and everyone is giving their best.

Giangi Cappai: What I love about Blessed Cross and Foby’s work is the constant connection with all artists. He is a great engineer too, and when needed, I play on the court giving my experience in music production.

Electronic Groove: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Foby: I spend my spare hours with my family, I got three sons and a lovely wife, so I can say they keep me pretty busy. I also practice boxing at a competitive level.

Giangi Cappai: Well, I’m a single man, I love billiard and pubs, and I’m foody, as you can see (laughter)!

“Ours is a big family and everyone is giving their best”

Electronic Groove: Where should we go for a drink when visiting your hometown?

Foby: For sure a good winery, Sardinia is famous for good wine!

Giangi Cappai:… and good restaurants.. of course!

Electronic Groove: Thank you so much for your time. We wish you the best going forward!

Foby: It has been a pleasure!

Giangi Cappai: Ciao from the Blessed Cross family!

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