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Label Of The Month: 17 Steps

Dusky, comprised of Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman, emerged from the crucible of London’s electronic music scene during the house renaissance of 2011. Since then, they have cultivated a diverse and unmistakable sound, drawing inspiration from a wide array of influences spanning breaks, hardcore, Detroit techno, ambient, progressive house, jazz, and beyond.

However, it’s not just their unparalleled prowess behind the decks and narcotic sugar-laced melodic cuts that have cemented their legacy; it’s their visionary approach to curating memorable landscapes through their acclaimed record label, 17 Steps.

Founded in 2014, 17 Steps has been a blueprint for innovation in electronic dance music, continually reinventing itself and championing rising talent. The label’s roster reads like a who’s who of electronic music’s vanguard, featuring luminaries such as Avalon Emerson, Nathan Micay, Denham Audio, Skream, Mella Dee, Eris Drew, Logic1000, Alan Fitzpatrick, and more.

The genesis of 17 Steps was not merely a venture into label ownership; it was a conscious decision to establish a platform that transcends trends and temporal constraints. The label’s moniker, derived from the narrative theory of the “monomyth,” symbolizes the journey of a hero’s transformation—a n arc that mirrors the evolution of electronic music itself.

At the heart of 17 Steps lies a commitment to unearth timeless music, unbound by etiquettes. With a decade under its belt, the label boasts a groundbreaking catalog that includes Dusky’s electrifying ‘Ingrid Is A Hybrid’, Global Communication’s ethereal remix of ‘Skin Deep’, or Avalon Emerson’s unique take on Bwana’s ‘Three Way Is The Hard Way’ and the pulsating rhythms of Christian Piers’ ‘Hold’. Each release is a testament to the label’s pursuit of sonic excellence and artistic integrity.

As 17 Steps commemorates its milestone anniversary, Dusky reflects with pride on the label’s journey and its role in shaping the electronic music landscape. To mark this occasion, Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman are preparing to release a special Various Artists compilation and embark on an extensive tour spanning the UK, Europe, and the US. A journey that begins with the release of ‘Sampler 01: Floor To Floor 10 Years of 17 Steps’, featuring an electrifying selection of tracks from Scaefa, Machine Dion, Kassian, and Dusky themselves.

Run up the ladder, as we explore the dynamic world of 17 Steps, where innovation is the heartbeat of every track and creativity knows no limits. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the journey—marked by milestones, fueled by passion, and celebrated with every beat. Experience the magic of 17 Steps by listening to their music and supporting their artists through platforms like Bandcamp. Your support helps ensure that the journey continues for years to come!

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